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Happy Belated Birthday Jun!!
Sorry for the late post,, I'm lazy :p
I wish you all the best. I hope you get whatever you want :)
Good luck for the upcoming tour!! Even though I can't go to there, I still hope the best for you :D

Now, I want to write about my trip to Dieng.
Trip to Dieng... )
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Happy birthday Sho san :D
My ichiban :3
Well, you're still my ichiban, you know?
Yes I know, I love Jun more than you *of course, he is my son after all :p*, and yes I'll choose Nino being my husband over you *I know it won't happen, but hey, let me dream ;p*, but you're still my ichiban :D
Sooo...happy birthday Sho. I wish you all the best in this world
Please found your dream girl and marry her :) Please love Arashi more and more, and the most important thing, please be happy :D

Anyway, it have nothing to do with your birthday, Sho-san, but I've just realized that 2 of my OTP's initial is SJ :3 The first one, of course you and Jun (Sho-Jun), and then we have SJ for Sherlock-John :p Haha, it isn't important, I know. I just need to write it down :p
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otanome niichan :D )
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Uwaaa 31st birthday? You're OLD!!
But okay, I still love you xD

Happy birthday Sho san, wish you all the best. I hope you get whatever you want in your life. Please get married quickly, I really want to see your children :D
Please love Arashi more and more m(_ _)m
And here we have a birthday present for you :D

This is a colaboration between [ profile] astra_54 and me. SAKUMOTO FANVID :D
We use Kanjani8 - Tsubusa ni koi's lyrics as a storyline. Why? Err...we just thought that it will fit well.
This is an amateur's work, so PLEASE be kind to us. I mean, it's okay to critic us, but please don't flame.
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It's supposed to be birthday gift to Oh-chan and Baba, but well, with final exam and everything it was impossible to finish it on time.

Okay, I lied, I'm lazy, that's why :| But at least I've finished it :D

Yup, this is Fukushima FM with Ohba ac MC. What are they doing here? First you'll know about Arashi's previous life. Then maybe you'll want to cut your hair ;) Why? Watch it yourself :p

Fukushima FM Ohba [2012.02.10].avi_000092100

Fukushima FM Ohba [2012.02.10].avi_001050200

Size: 90.7 MB
Duration: 00:21:33
Add .avi at the end of the file.

Audio: Junlove
Translation: keshigomiu
Pics: Not mine, google help me found it.

All mistakes are mine m(_ _)m
Comments are appreciated :)
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Happy Birthday my Sunshine-Baba :D )
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Happy birthday Ohchan xD
Happy birthday Maru xD
32 and 29 huh?! You both are old, aren't you xD
Wish you both all the best...
I have gift for you Ohchan..just wait until I have mood to work on that okay?
and Maru? Can I just give you my kiss :3
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Now now..can you believe me?
My first time to make a real birthday post xD not a belated birthday post..hoho..
And I actually had finished this even before Jun's birthday xD and before my birthday yesterday

Okay..this is my birthday project for Jun's birthday.

[2011.06.03] Fukushima FM - Arashi with Jun as MC.
This is radio program aired at Fukushima last year to support earthquake victim in that area.
Thank you Junlove for the audio and Keshigomiu for translation.

[2011.06.03] Fukushima FM - Arashi.avi_000251384

[2011.06.03] Fukushima FM - Arashi.avi_000261794

Every mistakes are my fault. Comments are welcome xD
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Always late to make a birthday post >3<
but here I am xD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOKO!! Love you very much >< Love your antics...your pale skin ...your everything xD
How old are you now? 31? You're old, you know :p
but I still love you xD
Hope you will always love EITO...more than now if you can xD
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LATE *again*
but this time I make some graphic.. you'll forgive me right, baba? *wink*

and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 xD
I hope everything will be better in this year ...Amen!


Nov. 28th, 2011 02:15 am
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I know this is late ...
maybe....I'll try to make something. Just maybe :p

and btw if you want to download Arashi's newest song : Energy Song,, you can download it here
I really love this song ><
VERY ARASHI *well even though it remind me of Chibi Maruko's song and Kanjani8's song*
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xDD )
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Happy birthday Ohkura Tadayoshi. You're the youngest idol I ever love xDD
Hope all the best for you xDD
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お誕生日 おめでとう 横山 裕 xDD
30 years ?? I can't believe that, you're too cute for someone in their 30...
well I'll try made something but not now...
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おたんじょうび おめでとう 翔ーちゃ

sorry I can't give you anything beside it T^T
but wish u all the best !!
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