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Some people told me that they can't play files I uploaded. I don't know why, because they play well on my laptop and some the other's.
I just can make suggestion for those who can't play my files:

  1. Try another player beside VLC, some people said while it don't play well in VLC it play well in GOM and MPC. I don't know why, just try.

  2. If you still not sure about will it work? Then instead of downloading from this LJ *it'll waste your time and your bandwidth if it won't play in your computer* you should download it from another Arashi community which provide RAW files. I can't tell you more about this, because most of them don't want to be mentioned in public. You should try ask google, or maybe in private.

  3. Try dailymotion. There's someone who always upload all Arashi's related things. Her username is pris268. And she is fast.(I hope it's okay to mention her username here, she didn't say anything about not to mention her) Since she uploaded it on dailymotion, you can choose whether to watch it online or download it with IDM or some site like keepvid.

  4. You can try to download it yourself from channel_jpn@youku. Just googling channel_jpn account, find the link of the video you want. Follow the tutorial here or here. After you've finished your download, join it with FLV joiner to make them into one file. The file format is in FLV, so if you want you can try to convert it to another format you like. I think the reason why some people can't play my file is because my converting method don't work well with their system? I don't know.

That's all. I'm sorry for people who already download from this LJ but can't play it. I hope it'll help you. Thank you :)

*And sorry for my bad English*
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