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We know that other communities already do this one, but in case you already have the RAW and prefer the softsub, well you can get this.
Also hardsub for those who prefer it.

We use [ profile] candywalla for 1st disc and [ profile] acidae 's translation from here and here for 2nd disc.
Please don't remove the credit from the file if you use the SS m(_ _)m

Disc 1

We use the raw from KnH, so if you have any other RAW, maybe it won't sync. You can re-timing it tough :)
[MEGA] for KnH's RAW with lyric
[MEGA] for KnH's RAW without lyric
[MEGA] for DVD LE RAW form [ profile] ocha_suki with lyric retimed by her :*

Disc 2

[MEGA] for KnH's RAW
[MEGA] for jade-lil RAW
[MEGA] for DVD LE RAW from [ profile] ocha_suki retimed by her :*

Size: 883MB
Duration: 1:25:29
Filecloud: 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
4shared 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Translation: [ profile] candywalla and [ profile] acidae
Lyric and song translation: [ profile] yarukizero
Timing: [ profile] tomapiya
Editing/Typesetting/Encoding: [ profile] dekkawai

Please understand that we are not a pro when it come to subbing, so the quality maybe not that good.
Thank you :D

Comments are welcome :D
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I know it's already subbed, but I can't get them since the link either dead or I have no access to. That's why I decided to do my own version. I use jliann translation here.
Ehh it wasn't VS Arashi?

Err...something wrong here...


Size           353.7 MB
Duration     00:23:28
Raw  last-of-days
Translation  jliann
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So, few years ago, I think at the beginning of 2012, I was hooked on Chipmunk Arashi. At first I just played around with my MPC, increased the speed, and found it's amusing :p Then I thought, why not make my own version of Chipmunk Arashi??
The result?
Everything and Kaze no Mukou e Chipmunk Version xD
The quality of the video is crap, also the editing. It's just for my own amusement after all :p

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otanome niichan :D )
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This is just a cut from an Arashi's concert fancam.
Why I love this?
Because of tsundere Jun :3
Aiba sprained his ankle because he was too excited xD
Jun hit his head but then message his ankle :D
And while Sho and Nino keep the MC going...Ohno stay close to Aiba :3

Really Jun, if you're just going to help baba, no need to hit him before xD
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Okay..actually it's just an attempt to get rid of all these picture. I mean these pics just sat there in my PC, doing nothing else than make my hdd full okay I'm exaggerating, it's not that big

But well,, whatever... when everyone else posting about the Final HnA and believe me, I'm crying last night watching that damn show :'(
I'm posting something OLD and not related to HnA at all..

Forgive me m(_ _)m

Uhh,, and for you who haven't know yet, I'm Nino x Masami shipper :D But I'm also Nino x Yuriko shipper.
Call me delusional, but when your OTP is Sakumoto, being called delusional is something normal.
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This is the next part of 24 Hr TV 2008. And it'll be the last part I sub. Why? Because [ profile] nyanchan only translate until this part. Moreover the link for next part at [ profile] monomezurashii is already dead. So, unless someone reupload and translate the next part, I can do nothing.

Okay now back to the video. In this part we have Nino's darts no tabi.

Eh Nino, what are you doing there? xD

Do you agree with this ojii-san?

Eh, wait!! You're Nino right? xD

Size: 73 MB
Duration: 09:03
Add .avi at the end of the file

RAW: [ profile] monomezurashii
Translation: [ profile] nyanchan

All mistakes are mine. Comments are welcome :D
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 Well, this one not really have Arashi. Just for people who want to collect all part.

[24hr TV] Part 14 (2008.08.30) subbed.avi_000266866
[24hr TV] Part 14 (2008.08.30) subbed.avi_000318166
[24hr TV] Part 14 (2008.08.30) subbed.avi_000759333

We have 2 attempts to broke the world record and the continuation of the wedding here. Did they broke the world record? How about the wedding? Gundam theme? Just watch it your self :D
Not the best quality but still watchable :)

Size           124 mb
Duration     00:16:25
Just add .avi at the end of the file.

Raw [ profile] monomezurashii
Translation [ profile] nyanchan

All mistakes are mine. Comments are welcome :D

1.You can found the previous part at
[ profile] gdymadaminu

2.I wanna ask about your opinion about put my name in my work. I've never bothered by it before, because I don't really care if people claim my work, not that it's valuable anyway :| But then I think if people want to know the original source such as where I found the RAW file or whose translation I use, but they forget where they get the file, it'll trouble them. So, do you think I need to put my name in my work?
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Uwaaa 31st birthday? You're OLD!!
But okay, I still love you xD

Happy birthday Sho san, wish you all the best. I hope you get whatever you want in your life. Please get married quickly, I really want to see your children :D
Please love Arashi more and more m(_ _)m
And here we have a birthday present for you :D

This is a colaboration between [ profile] astra_54 and me. SAKUMOTO FANVID :D
We use Kanjani8 - Tsubusa ni koi's lyrics as a storyline. Why? Err...we just thought that it will fit well.
This is an amateur's work, so PLEASE be kind to us. I mean, it's okay to critic us, but please don't flame.
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It's supposed to be birthday gift to Oh-chan and Baba, but well, with final exam and everything it was impossible to finish it on time.

Okay, I lied, I'm lazy, that's why :| But at least I've finished it :D

Yup, this is Fukushima FM with Ohba ac MC. What are they doing here? First you'll know about Arashi's previous life. Then maybe you'll want to cut your hair ;) Why? Watch it yourself :p

Fukushima FM Ohba [2012.02.10].avi_000092100

Fukushima FM Ohba [2012.02.10].avi_001050200

Size: 90.7 MB
Duration: 00:21:33
Add .avi at the end of the file.

Audio: Junlove
Translation: keshigomiu
Pics: Not mine, google help me found it.

All mistakes are mine m(_ _)m
Comments are appreciated :)
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Happy Birthday my Sunshine-Baba :D )
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Happy birthday Ohchan xD
Happy birthday Maru xD
32 and 29 huh?! You both are old, aren't you xD
Wish you both all the best...
I have gift for you Ohchan..just wait until I have mood to work on that okay?
and Maru? Can I just give you my kiss :3
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Now now..can you believe me?
My first time to make a real birthday post xD not a belated birthday post..hoho..
And I actually had finished this even before Jun's birthday xD and before my birthday yesterday

Okay..this is my birthday project for Jun's birthday.

[2011.06.03] Fukushima FM - Arashi with Jun as MC.
This is radio program aired at Fukushima last year to support earthquake victim in that area.
Thank you Junlove for the audio and Keshigomiu for translation.

[2011.06.03] Fukushima FM - Arashi.avi_000251384

[2011.06.03] Fukushima FM - Arashi.avi_000261794

Every mistakes are my fault. Comments are welcome xD
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This is what I am doing when wake up at 2.30 am and have nothing to do *well actually I have a lot of things to do like study but..well :| *
The quality is not the best.. LQ actually.
I'm sure that there will be anybody else that will sub this, even the full 24 Hours TV I think, but if you want to watch it with sub no matter what, you can try to watch this.

Letter 1

letter 2

Pass: letter24hrtv
File size: 38 MB
Duration: 04:29
RAW: pinappleforyou@youtube

Comments are loved :D
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Actually I should post this a long time ago..and believe me I finished this long time ago...BUT my connection is really suck *most of the time* so I've just finished upload it minutes ago --"

This is my another try to timing video :p So if any of you would like to saw this,,you're very welcome. And told me if there are anything lack about its *I'm sure there are a lot*

Then first...
FIGHT SONG with Translate and Karaoke Effect
credit for lyric and translation goes to [ profile] taijiproject.
RAW:[ profile] yumeisvision

Wild at Heart-Karaoke
And I mean really karaoke..with no vocal and just the instrument.
credit for lyric and translation goes to [ profile] soranarumi

Maybe you'll ask me why I split the Waiha? Actually I try to upload it full size too *since it's size no more than 200 Mb* but always failed --"
So I try to upload it after split it into 3 file..and well it worked :P
Okay, enough of my rambling.. enjoy!!

PS:Comments are really welcome xD
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LATE *again*
but this time I make some graphic.. you'll forgive me right, baba? *wink*

and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 xD
I hope everything will be better in this year ...Amen!


Nov. 28th, 2011 02:15 am
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I know this is late ...
maybe....I'll try to make something. Just maybe :p

and btw if you want to download Arashi's newest song : Energy Song,, you can download it here
I really love this song ><
VERY ARASHI *well even though it remind me of Chibi Maruko's song and Kanjani8's song*
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xDD )
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