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So, few years ago, I think at the beginning of 2012, I was hooked on Chipmunk Arashi. At first I just played around with my MPC, increased the speed, and found it's amusing :p Then I thought, why not make my own version of Chipmunk Arashi??
The result?
Everything and Kaze no Mukou e Chipmunk Version xD
The quality of the video is crap, also the editing. It's just for my own amusement after all :p

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This is just a cut from an Arashi's concert fancam.
Why I love this?
Because of tsundere Jun :3
Aiba sprained his ankle because he was too excited xD
Jun hit his head but then message his ankle :D
And while Sho and Nino keep the MC going...Ohno stay close to Aiba :3

Really Jun, if you're just going to help baba, no need to hit him before xD
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Uwaaa 31st birthday? You're OLD!!
But okay, I still love you xD

Happy birthday Sho san, wish you all the best. I hope you get whatever you want in your life. Please get married quickly, I really want to see your children :D
Please love Arashi more and more m(_ _)m
And here we have a birthday present for you :D

This is a colaboration between [ profile] astra_54 and me. SAKUMOTO FANVID :D
We use Kanjani8 - Tsubusa ni koi's lyrics as a storyline. Why? Err...we just thought that it will fit well.
This is an amateur's work, so PLEASE be kind to us. I mean, it's okay to critic us, but please don't flame.


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