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Happy Belated Birthday Jun!!
Sorry for the late post,, I'm lazy :p
I wish you all the best. I hope you get whatever you want :)
Good luck for the upcoming tour!! Even though I can't go to there, I still hope the best for you :D

Now, I want to write about my trip to Dieng.
I went there last weekend with my family and one other family in the neighborhood. We left Yogyakarta at 4.30 PM. At first we assume it'll take 3-4 hours to Dieng, but unfortunately we have problem with one of the car (not my family’s car) so it’s not till 12.30AM that we arrive at Dieng. It’s really COLD!! Moreover we got no inn or hotel to stay because all of the hotels and inns were full. It turns out that there was some annual ritual called ‘Ruwatan Gembel’ happen the next day. So it seems all the hotels and inns were already booked since months ago by people who want to watch the ritual. That’s why in the end we had to sleep in the car :(
The next day, after breakfast, we immediately go to Telaga Warna. None of us take a bath, because the water is REALLY COLD!! The place called ‘Telaga Warna’ or The Colorful Lake because the color of the water is different, depend from the place where we see it. I got some pictures of this lake. It isn’t very good since I just take it with my phone and digital camera.

After Telaga Warna, we went to ‘Kawah Sikidang’ or Sikidang Crater. Here you have to wear a mask because of the sulfur smell. At Sikidang, we weren’t just looking at the crater, but we also bought POTATOES xD since potatoes is one of the specialityof Dieng. There’s also Carica, it’s kind of Papaya but…errr…different :p Here some pictures of Sikidang
We're going back home after Sikidang. It took us another 7 hours to back to Yogyakarta. It's really tiring, but fun at the same time. I want to go back there someday, but with the proper place to sleep :p
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